La Plata Park & Recreation

The La Plata Park Board oversees the Santa Fe Lake, City Reservoir and the City Park.  The board consist of nine members:

City Reservoir Committee Members:                                City Park Committee Members:
    Jason Bunch     660-651-7452                                               Julie Lewis      660-346-6226
    Tyler Murry     660-651-9920                                               Tina Williams  660-341-2631
    Stacey Hudson 660-341-0064                                                Sally Moore    660-349-5542

Santa Fe Lake Committee Members:
     Tyler Roberts      660-342-7637
      Brennan Filkins  810-399-6184
      Zach Robinson    660-341-3091

For Reservations call La Plata City Hall during 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at 660-332-7166

Santa Fe Lake                City Park                City Reservoir