Altorfer Caterpillar came to service the generators on Wednesday morning, February 15th and came back on Friday, February 17th to complete the project.

Bid requests for the police truck that is a 2015 Ford F150 were placed in The NEMO Trader and on City, Police, and numerous area swap shop pages on Facebook. We have a trade in value quote for a 2017 Ford F150 Extended Cab 4x4 pickup. Therefore, we wouldn’t be considering any bids for less than our trade in value.

I was in communication with Cindy Hulz of MTRCG on Monday, March 6th as well as Phillip Wilson and Dennis Stith with SKW regarding. Phillip attended the March 14th meeting and gave an update on the project. Cindy advised me via email on Tuesday, March 7th that Matt Walker with Greenhills Regional Council of Governments that was subcontracted to complete our environmental study was almost complete. On Wednesday, March 15th we received notification of an advertisement that needed to be published regarding the environmental study.

I received correspondence from MTRCG regarding 2017 Transportation Needs Prioritization Process and spoke with Macon County Commissioner Alan Wyatt and requested that he once again list the Route D railroad bridge on their list of needs for Macon County.

During my conversation with Commissioner Wyatt, he stated that the county commission will be sending out information in the near future regarding the formation of the IDA (Industrial Development Authority) for the purpose of overseeing the use of the landfill tipping fee monies that were previously distributed by the Macon County Economic Development Board. He had originally wanted to use the Mayors of all the communities within the county as board members. On Monday, March 6th, the three commissioners delivered a letter regarding the IDA and requesting that the City Council nominate a person to the board which will consist of seven (7) members for one, two, or three year terms. After the first terms, all terms will be six years and to qualify a person must have lived in the county for one year and CANNOT be an elected official of any kind. There will be board members from Atlanta, Bevier, Callao, La Plata, Macon, and New Cambria-Ethel. I will be preparing a list of possible representatives for your review at the April meeting.

Bobbie has been working on lease agreements for the irrigation sites and Phillip Wilson of SKW came on Wednesday, March 15th and met with Danny Smithson and Matt Belt along with Bobbie, Mike and myself to review the agreements and irrigation center pivot site map. The meeting was very productive with some suggestions made by the landowners that are being considered. Danny and Matt took the agreements to review and Phillip will be contacting DNR & USDA regarding the suggested change of having one larger center pivot instead of 3.

The sewer rate increase that was approved by the Board of Alderman at the February 14th meeting was included on the March 1st billing.

The lagoon is still overflowing since Tuesday, January 3rd and while discharging daily samples are being taken and transported to Edina on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Officer Taylor went back to Houston, TX on February 20th and picked up Aaron and will being doing obedience training with him until he returns to Houston for certification in April. He still isn’t sure how long the certification period will be and hopes that since he is doing the obedience with him that the time will be shorter than the originally scheduled time of 6 weeks.

The first “yard waste” pickup will be Tuesday, April 25th. We have had several individuals requesting the key to the dump and taking limbs, etc. we will be safe to wait until the April yard waste pickup to apply for the DNR Burn Permit which is good for 60 days per application with a limit of 3 permits per year.

The Spring Bulk Pickup will be held by Advanced Disposal on Friday, May 5th and the Fall Bulk Pickup has been scheduled for Friday, October 20th. These are always popular with our residents and a great service provided by Advanced Disposal.

MO HB 383 -- The bill reads: Prohibits a municipality or utility company from holding an owner of premises liable for the occupant's delinquent utility payments.” I have emailed concerns to Senator Munzlinger, State Representatives Remole, Walker, and Redmon expressing the burden the passage of this bill would place on small communities such as La Plata but received no responses back. Due to the large number of renters that have left town owing almost double what the current deposits are, the Board of Alderman voted to begin charging a $100 sewer deposit as well as raise the electric and water deposits by $50 which would make residential renters deposits $612.64 ($250 water, $250 electric, $100 sewer, & $12.64 trash) and commercial renters $670.65 ($250 water, $300 electric, $100 sewer, & $20.65 trash). Homeowners (NOT RENT TO OWN) deposits will stay at the current rate but add the $100 sewer deposit. After one year of good credit with no penalty charges, homeowners are given credit for their deposits. However, if they sell their property, their final bill must be paid prior to closing or transferring to the new owner. If it isn’t, the City will final the account and submit it for payment from the closing costs of the sale of property. In the case of a renter moving from one property to another within the City, they will be required to pay another deposit since the previous deposit will be applied to the final bill.

The Masonic Lodge Annual Ollie Johnson Fishing Tournament is scheduled for May 6th and will be held this year at the Santa Fe Lake. The lodge members will be having a cleanup work day prior the event and Mr. Frost will be removing the bee problem that developed last summer/fall.

Kiley, Greg, and Jake will be working with the La Plata Park & Recreation Board regarding the brush hogging at the new proposed campsites at the La Plata Reservoir.

Cory, Nathen, and Eric have inspected the City park pavilion and materials have been ordered for the new roof, gables, and ceiling. They plan to start the project as soon as weather permits. They also repaired some siding that was loose on the Park Stage after the recent windy weather.

Curtis Contracting, LLC have been retained to mow the La Plata Cemetery property at the same rate of $750 per mowing with an additional $175 for removing flowers after Memorial Day weekend.

Bobbie attended the MOCCFOA Spring Institute held at the Holiday Inn Executive in Columbia on Monday, March 13th and Dena is attending the institute this week from Tuesday, March 14th  thru Thursday, March 16th.

The Ladies’ Sorority has decided NOT do the City Wide Yard Sales on Father’s Day Weekend and the La Plata Promotional Committee will be taking over the project to be held on Saturday, June 17th.

On Friday morning, March 3rd, an accident happened on North Brown Street/Route D just north of the La Plata Car Wash in front of the Senior Citizen apartment and Rob Smith of La Plata immediately came upon the accident and IMMEDIATELY called 911 which is the appropriate action that should be taken in case of an emergency since the 911 dispatchers are trained to make the necessary calls for EMS, fire, law enforcement. Rob stayed on the phone with 911 until EMS arrived within minutes of the accident and made sure the young man in the pickup that ran into the back of the trash truck was properly cared for! There was NO DELAY in the proper authorities responding to the scene and NO neglect on the part of any law enforcement or medical agency. Thanks Rob for your quick action as well as all of those that responded to the scene. REMEMBER DIALING 911 CAN SAVE LIVES AND VALUABLE TIME!

The House Elections and Elected Officials Committee held a hearing on HJR 13 (Rep. Bahr). The proposed Missouri constitutional amendment would limit the total number of years a person could be elected to serve in any one municipal or county office to twelve. The Missouri Municipal League, Metro League of St. Louis and the Missouri Association of Counties testified in opposition to the resolution. No one testified in support of HJR 13. MML is opposed and will be lobbying against the HJR 13 probably due to the fact that we as small communities have difficulty finding individuals to file for elected positions.

Recently, the House Local Government Committee voted out HB 905 (Rep. DeGroot) with a “Do Pass” recommendation. This measure prohibits municipalities from banning or restricting dogs based on their breed. MML is opposed.

On Monday, March 6th, I received notification that we were awarded the remaining funds of $3,469.92 from the Small Community Engineering Assistance Grant that Bobbie had made application in April 2016 and we were awarded a total of $14,400.00 from DNR. After several attempts and Bobbie’s persistence we successfully met DNR’s requirements for the remainder of the funding.

Paul Jensen met with Debbie, Bobbie, Mike and Cory on Monday, March 6th to gather information for a report he is making regarding MPUA member communities. After the meeting, he informed me that since we are now in good standing with the alliance we are eligible for a MoPEP grant for up to $21,500.00. I have been in contact with MPUA representatives and Cory visited with John Grotzinger on Tuesday, March 7th regarding the possible projects that would be eligible for the grant funds. Cory is going to contact KIOWA to get a bid for installing some primary lines that need to be replaced which would be reimbursable.

Monday night, March 6th, the City lost power from Northeast and Cory and Nathen had to start up the backup generators. They experienced some difficulty and Cory called the electrical engineer who walked them through the process which went smoothly. I called Cory and Nathen out at approximately 9 p.m. and they had the generators up and running by approximately 9:40 p.m. At approximately 11:25 p.m. Cory contacted me that Northeast was back online and electrical service was interrupted just long enough to switch back over to Northeast.

The Missouri Statewide Tornado Storm Siren Testing was held at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, March 7th with our siren performing correctly when activated by E911.

On Tuesday evening, March 7th, I was finally able to “chat” online with a representative of REDBOX movie distributors and was told that they are NOT currently accepting applications for new service locations. I had spoken to Sherri Murray at Casey’s and she seemed interested in trying to have a REDBOX in their location if management would be willing to approve. However, it appears that won’t be an option.

As per the vote of the Board of Alderman, the internet service at the street and electric departments were disconnected on Friday, March 17th. The internet and cable TV were also disconnected at the La Plata Golf Course clubhouse. The City has a complimentary service provided by Mark Twain Communications for the water department and they will also be installing one at the golf course clubhouse since they have antennae’s on our tower at the water department.

        The next meeting of the La Plata Board of Alderman will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 11, 2017.